Petition for International Membership


April __, 2013
C-JeS Entertainment & JYJ
629-7, Yeoksam 1-dong
Seoul, Korea



  • Mr. Baek Chang Ju
  • Mr. Kim Jaejoong, Mr. Park Yuchun, and Mr. Kim Junsu (JYJ)

We, JYJIFC (JYJ International Fans Coalition) on behalf of international fans of JYJ, are writing to convey a request for eligibility of membership for international fans. For the purpose of this petition, international fans are thus defined as fans residing outside of Korea and Japan.

The purposes of this petition are as follows:

  1. To respectfully request for a membership that would allow international fans to obtain entrance and/or access to JYJ’s organized activities which are held exclusively in Korea and Japan, e.g. JYJ Membership Week; and,
  2. To have English subtitles and/or translations integrated into all of JYJ merchandise (i.e. including –but not limited to– fan meeting and concert DVDs) for the international fans who do…

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